We'll always have the 90s

by Monday, April 16, 2018 1 comments

Hi guys,

It's been ages I haven't blogged.
Just the turmoil of life and I haven't really had the time to do so.
I'm back today for the French curves challenge, initiated by Gaelle Prudencio.
This month's theme is the 90s.
When it comes to fashion from the 90s, I remember how popular Tshirts, jeans, hoodies and sneakers were popular, alongside with  recycled trends from the 50s, 60s and 70s
One of the best things about the 90s are the Tv shows: A different world, In living color, The Cosby Show , Family Matters, and of course  The fresh Prince of Bel Air

I refuse to conform to people's expectations of me, 

just to get validation of the masses.

Take a minute to smile

Jeans: Asos
Tshirt: H&M
Hat: Noula Paris
Earrings: Parfois
Sneakers: Gourmet Footwear
Bag & belt: Thrift shop 

French Curves

Fashion Hood


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