Saturday wedding, love is in the hair

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Hey dolls,

The wedding season is in full swing and with the back to natural concsience, the brides-to-be are enthusiastic about rocking their natural hair on the wedding day.
I was so delighted to be the hairstylist of this Saturday's bride-to-be, because and I hope you do agree with me, the atmosphere of a wedding is always so full with love that your are always smiling and I am always surprised at how  I feel like love seems to be something you can neither give enough and never get enough of.
For this wedding, the bride went for something natural and of course we did try the style before the big day.
On the pics you'll notice that the hairstyles of the trial and the wedding day are slightly different.

I started with shampooing + mosturizing then  blowdrying the hair using the tension method.
This method is great because you have less breakage 

flat twist

flat twists updu, unfortunately I do not have a lot of pictures from today but hopefully wil get them soon

Final look of the flat twist updo with a bun, this series of pictures were taken on the trial day, for the final look of the wedding day, I added beaded hairpins to complete the look.

Knowing that love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own, I wish those two newly wed souls to cherish each other and live happily for ever :)

I am so thrilled women are rocking their natural hair on the special occasion :)
Do you also feel  like breaking the stereotypes and proving that natural brides rock too?

Love Vv 

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