It's not just African printed fabric

by Tuesday, September 10, 2013 2 comments
Hey dolls,

Last Saturday as you may know, I was haidressing at a wedding and I thought I could share the History of this fabulous fabric of my dress with you.
This fabric is a traditional fabric from west Cameroon  and each design has its own symbolic.

For those willing to learn more, here is the link:

I combined the dress with flat silvery shoes

Hope you like the post :)

Love Vv

Fashion Hood


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  1. Superbe comme toujours. J'ose ou j'ose pas ? Elle vient d'out la robe (ou même le tissu tiens) ? ^_^

    1. 1 an après loool je n'arrivais pas à te répondre depuis mdr!! c'est un tissu qui vient du Cameroun et la robe a été cousue par la couturière de ma mère là bas :)