Blow me out

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Hey dolls!!

I was supposed to go to the movies this afternoon to watch Aya de Yopougon but things turned out differently. Anyways I thought I could use my time for a different yet positive purpose and I figured hey why not treat myself!! So I decided to take care of my hair. I've been natural since December 2009 and I never blow dried my hair because I did not really want. I decided to give it a go today and I a quite happy with myself.
Before blowdrying I had an ayurvedic treatment with Amla, maka and brahmi powders that I added to conditonner, honey and nuts oil. After that I washed my hair with black soap, I then mixed natural yogourt,, honey and rice protein. After that I applied Cantu shea butter, pure shea butter and protective lotion against heat.
Here is the result and also a picuture of my fro 3 years ago

these are some of the products that i used

Love Vv

Fashion Hood


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