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Hi dolls,

 Hope you’ve been doing very good and enjoying each moment life is offering you.
These words were originally meant for a different purpose but I thought I could share it with you.
 Usually we talk about fashion, hairstyling and I give you some of the products that I use, hoping to inspire and keeping you encouraged in accepting your true nature and keeping your hair natural.
 I’ve never told you what natural hair represented for me. 

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Well, today’s post is aiming at answering that question. To start with, I’ve not always been natural, I started my natural journey 5 years and 2 months ago. As a child, I always wore my hair natural, I grew up in Cameroon and back home my mom and dad were chemical reluctant. Every Sunday I use to have my hair done in cornrows or threading braids. The weekend routine was as followed : removing the old hairstyle on saturday, shampoo and put hair together in 4 chunky braids, and restyling the hair on Sunday. I was very happy with my hair and occasionnally, that is twice as far as I can remember, I wore kanekalon hair extension as a child, in short braids. 
When I moved to Europe, I was 14 years old and that’s when my mother decided to relax my hair because she thought it would be easier for maintenance, and that I wouldn’t have to worry about my hair, as I was leaving without her. She was worried that no one would be available to keep up with the weekend routine I use to have back home. I then continued to relax my hair because this was my present routine, and also I felt like to fit in, this type of hair was more appreciated. 
 When I turned 26, I moved to the USA where I was a French teacher in University. One day, I did not feel like doing my hair at all and I decided to wear a headwrap as a protective hairstyle to go to school. Surprisingly, that headwrap was very much appreciated and I really felt like myself. From that day on, I decided that I would never relax my hair again.
 I must mention that I had a friend at the begening of my returning back to natural journey, who helped me a lot because she had gorgeous hair and she truly encouraged me. I’ve always been attracted to hair and I learned to do hair as soon as I move to Europe at the age of 14.
 Being natural is a lifestyle for me. I have to be consistent with my definition of being natural. I don’t think just because you do not relax your hair you are natural. It’s a lifestyle. I started my journey as a smoker, but I quit. I’m also vegeterian and I try to use natural products. I still have a long way to go, but my being natural accordingto me, is definitely different from your definition of being natural. Today as a natural Hairstylist, I like to think of my work as a mission. Every woman is beautiful and there are so many ways of being beautiful but as for me, the best way is the natural way. I try to do a hairstyle that goes with the personality of the client, because a hairstyle is a lot more than just hair patterns on the head , but this is another matter. 
I claim to be natural because in my adventure , I workout, I’m into organic eating, meat-free diet, sharing and foremost, being nice to people and always trying to make people around me happy, spreading love because that’s my philosophy of life, and I think that whatever makes you genuine and close to your true self is good for this journey. 
This might sound cheesy to some of you but again, this is my personal point of view and as we are all different, our paths to the natural journey might just as well be different and since life isn’t about clowning, I think it’s for the best.
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  1. Actually what is natural and what is not?
    If relaxing is not being natural since altering the original texture what about braids?
    What about wearing make up rocking a fro?
    So many questions could be raised...
    Then I ask to myself what is it that makes you think you are natural?
    1. What about my hair? To me being natural in that way is just me having hairstyles that are not superficial. I wear weave sometimes but I don't feel natural in the sense that I don't feel me. I feel disguised. Likewise when I relax my hair. I feel me, hot and powerful when I embrace my Africanhood through braids updos but mainly rocking my fro.
    I eat junk food and love it :-) I try my best to eat better, to stick to organic food and so on but then again I feel like I am pretending to be what I am not :-) Just like with my hair I feel natural being me.

    To cut a long story short to my eyes being natural is merely being who you truly are doing anything you do going anywhere you have to.