How versatile can a natural sista be?

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Hey dolls,

To start with, I wish you all guys a happy new year, and wish you will become an even better version of yourselves this year, spreading love and happiness!!! :)

I've been willing to write this article for a long time, well better late than never right!

Anyways this post is about the different hairstyles us as natural girls can have. I mean not only natural, actually almost any girl can achieve this different looks.
I hear so many naturalistas complaining about how they always wear the same hair styles. This is only because they might lack imagination or they are use to having the same styles and are afraid of having something new... I guess. I personally like to change my hair so many times but I have some favorite hairstyles too such as 2 stand twist and loc extension, these are dope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because these styles allow me so many changes in hairstyling.

Enough talking, here are some shots of a natural sista wearing diverse hairstyles that I created (I will add the other styles when I find the pics) and I think she rocks them all, so why not give it a try too :)

she rocking loc extensions

nice updo on her loc extension, hairstyle trial for her big day :)

fro and her

kanekalon crochet braid pin'up updo

she has a thing for loc extenson and it suits her to perfection :)

kanekalon pick and drop updo
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Love Vv

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